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UV Coated Perfect Bound Books

The #1 binding option for softcover books.

Perfect binding has rapidly become the leading choice for softcover books, especially paperbacks. It is very popular in the business world because it delivers a high-quality presentation at a very reasonable cost. Perfect binding is frequently used for corporate reports, catalogs, product brochures, manuals, and magazines.

Perfect bound books costs less to produce than hardcover books, and the square spine allows for printing on it. Perfect binding produces a strong, durable spine that won’t crack or break due to extreme high or low temperatures. The low production costs make perfect binding affordable for short-run print projects.

Order Perfect Bound Book Printing and Binding

  • Perfect bound books, or soft-cover books, uses a clean and elegant glue bind to give your readers the ultimate reading experience.

  • An excellent option for self-published books, catalogs, magazines, or any premium product.

  • Choose from endless paper and finishing options that fit your brand.

  • A premium reading experience, bound to impress.

Brotheren Rouged Stacked Books

Review from Author, James “SemajE” Smith

"As a new author, there is so much anxiety involved in the print and publishing process; from keeping deadlines to the quality of your books, it can get overwhelming.

Well to my delight,  the turnaround time was quick, but most importantly, the books were amazing at first sight. 

She nailed it!  My books looked professional, very well bound, and that process was explained to me from beginning to end. 

I was pleasantly met with a great personality, a professional demeanor and I was proud to give my books to the masses. 


Thank you for making a dream come true!  


This amazing print is proof, and will continue to be proof, long after I’m gone, that I was here and gave  a part of me to the world."

James “SemajE” Smith
Brotheren Rouged

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